Make Money Online by Watching Web Videos

This may sound too good to be true. But yes you can make money from just watching web video. You wouldn’t be making a lot but at least you will get some extra bucks while enjoying watching videos.

Through a program called Beezag, you can get paid for watching web videos. Beezag is a pretty simple program that pays people to watch short commercials and movie trailers. If you already have an account with Facebook, you can use your Facebook ID to login into Beezag, fill out your profile and start watching short videos for cash. If you don’t want to use your Facebook ID, you may create a quick account with Beezag and get access into the program.

When watching Beezag video, there will be two numbers popping up on the screen that you must remember. When the video ends, you will be asked to enter the two numbers. If you give the right numbers, you will be awarded points. But if you enter the wrong numbers, then you will have to watch the short video again and enter the right numbers when the video ends.

You are getting points instead of cash for each video that you have watched. When you have accumulated 8,000 points, you can redeem for cash paid via PayPal. 1,000 points equal to $1.00. So 8,000 points can redeem for $8 PayPal cash.

How many videos can you watch daily?

You can do 5 to 10 videos daily or may be more than that. Each video can earn you between 20 to 90 points. So, if you are actively watching videos in Beezag, you can quickly reach the minimum $8 payout and request for PayPal payment.

Beezag has a referral program too

You can refer anyone to join Beezag and watch videos for cash. You’ll get 10% of what your referrals earn in Beezag. If you want to make more from Beezag, it is a good idea to try their referral program. It is easy to get people to join Beezag since it offers an interesting way to make money online.

Is Beezag really paying?

Beezag has been in business since year 2009. It was belonging to AdGenesis network. The advertisers and companies were paying AdGenesis to help promote their brand via videos and Beezag will be responsible to find the online users who will watch the commercials of the advertisers. To encourage more viewers to watch commercials constantly, Beezag offers cash reward to the viewers. If you watch Beezag short commercials and earn enough points, you will be paid cash. Many people have done it.

Is Beezag opened worldwide?

Unfortunately, Beezag is only available to US residents at the moment. This is probably because the videos were targeted to US people only.

How to Increase Sales in Your Online Business

Are you experiencing low sales problem in your online business? If you have low sales in any of your online business, then it’s time to make some changes. You have to start applying some tips to increase sales in your online business. This is also true if you are not satisfied with the amount of sales you receive within one month.

Tips to increase your income in your online business:

Be more valuable

If you want to increase your sales, you need to increase the value you give to your customers. The more value you give them, the more sales you will get. Remember that each business transaction will depend on how you deliver value to your customer and how much your customer needs to pay for that value that you give. The less you charge them and the more value you give them, the more sales you will get. So add more value and be more valuable to your customers.

Fire more promotions

If you’ve promoted your online business through some channels only, you have to expand your promotion to get more sales. The more traffic you have, the more sales you will generate. This is a simple principle to increase your sales and attract more potential customers to your website. So, try other methods of promotion, both free and paid, to attract more potential customers to your website. Tweak your current promotion if it doesn’t work well.

Create better relationship

Your online business cannot thrive without good relationship with your customers. If you are low on sales, you should improve your relationship with your customers. No need to become stranger to your customers. Create better relationship with them. This will help to increase trust of your customers. If you have better relationship with your customers, you will have better sales.

Add more payment option

If you sell products online, it may be difficult for some people who actually want to buy your products but can’t make payment for the product because of strict payment option. If you want to add more sales, consider adding more payment options for your product. Paypal is a good payment option to add to your website.

Start preselling

If you have low sales or low conversion rate, it may be because of your way of selling your products. It is better for you to presell your audience than give them hard sell. Preselling is more effective than hard-selling simply because preselling gives your audience a warm-up before actually buy your product. On the other hand, hard sell is almost identical with pressuring and forcing your audience to buy your products. If you haven’t already done so, use preselling technique instead of hard selling in your website.

Those are some tips about how to increase your sales almost magically. There are many strategies that you can carry out in your online business, but those 5 tips can help you to properly increase your online earning almost magically.

Hot Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Several business opportunities rank as the hottest for entrepreneurs.

So, what field would you like to get into? It is believed by many that in opening a business, it must be something within the scope of your own expertise.

You need to have an initial knowledge about what opportunity you are getting into. In managing any type of business, it is a must that you exert a personal effort on it. But then as the times are concerned, it goes to point out that the business of your choice must be something which is within the trends and that which is appreciated by the consumers. Or else, you are opening yourself into some great possibilities of losing in business.

For a guide, here are among the hottest trends of business opportunities for entrepreneurs:

Communications Coach or Writing Instructor

Most American businesses involve the flow of communications. After all, how can a business transaction transpire if there is no communication that exists within the concerned parties? Most office personnel in America lack one skill—and that is the power to communicate effectively.

In all levels of business, the staff members are asked to communicate orally, verbally, or technologically. But then most of them fail to do well in the task. They cannot even generate sensible sentences for that matter. Unfortunately though, a lot of English classes held in high school and college levels tend to overlook this matter so the graduates are not molded for these kinds of situations. One of the hottest business opportunities for entrepreneurs this year is to put up groups that would coach people in the entrepreneurial level in terms of communication. Many American companies seek the services of communications coaches and writing instructors.


In a technologically advanced world, most information, ideas, and transactions are already done via the net. Blogging is one of the hottest and rising business opportunities this year. Whether the phase is internal or external, the blog must be well written so that it will be highly effective. Most companies involve blogging as part of their marketing strategies and if the blog is more or less poorly conceived, you know exactly what it will reflect for the company. The corporations that employ blogging as part of their businesses should provide ample training background in writing skills to their staff members.

Security and IT Privacy Consultant

For companies that mainly run technological-based industries, what they need are people who are IT competent and who knows how to troubleshoot technological problems. Since they deal much with information, they also need sufficient security. That is why masters in these matters are very much in-demand. As an entrepreneur, you can put up a business that relates to this need.

Some Construction-Related Operations

The country cannot rid of constructions of all types since it is moving towards global competitiveness. In the midst of all these constructions are great opportunities for entrepreneurs that are concerned with the plumbing, electric, carpentry, drywalling, and general contracting services.

Home Caregiving

In America per se, the aged individuals are always put in Home for the Aged institutions as their children are busy to care for them. It has been a custom to hire home caregivers for them. In the rate of employment, there are several individuals who go for caregiving since it is a highly paid job. If you may be interested, you can put up a home caregiving agency and earn much because of the high demand for such services.

Medical Technician or Home Healthcare Nurse

This business opportunity is likely related to the discussion above.

Virtual Assistants

The demand for virtual assistance is all the more increasing. People who would like to have online secretaries who can take charge of anything which they need pay much just so they can avail of the service. As an entrepreneur it will be beneficial on your part to come up with a set of staff members to work as virtual assistants.

Ebay Trading Assistants

People certainly love to shop on ebay especially with all those auctions. Being a seller in the website can invite lots of money for you.

Mobile Phone Applications

People cannot be detached from their mobile phones these days. So the demand for more advanced and upgraded phones increase each day. Outlets for mobile phones sales and repairs all the more prove to be successful this year.

There are more and more business opportunities that may knock on the doors of budding entrepreneurs. If you know how to handle a business, you will likely succeed.

Starting a Home-Based Business

Home-based works are becoming more and more popular these days. Moms who want to spend more time attending their children and taking care of the house enter this type of business. Dads who can give up the time they spend at the office are starting to convert their home as workplace. And of course, many companies are starting to welcome out-based employees on their payroll. But then you ask: How do you start a home-based business on your own?

This article aims to answer this single and most important question.

When starting something, you should know what is that something your should start. In the case of home-based business, you should start with identifying what type of business that fits you.

In doing this, you need to know your interest. Since you will be spending most of your time at home, your lifestyle would change with a great tendency that you will live in monotony. And this is the dangerous part of home-based business. What you should do is to know what are the things you are good at and what are the things you would love to do over and over again. This will lay the ground on deciding what type of home-based business is right for you.

Weigh on your interest, skill, and talent. Obviously these are 3 different things. Talents are inert while skill is something you know how to do. Interest on the other hand is that thing you want to do. To put it on other terms, talent is passive, skill is active, and interest is both active and passive. If you work out that these 3 will compensate one another, then you are one step ahead in realizing your home-based business.

How to put all these 3 together is completely up to you. As a tip, you can create a short list of the things you love to do. Make sure you make plenty of them so that you can arrive at something you really want. Same thing goes with you talents and your skills. If you have a particular business in mind, you can still make lists of your interests, skills, and talents. This will give you better chances of arriving a he best type of home-based business for you and not on the thing that first popped-out of your mind.

Putting them together is like this: You have a great interest in reading while you have the talent in writing and your skill is putting ideas on paper. All these would become one if you decide to become a writer or translator. This will also apply on other home-based jobs such as catering services, home renovation services, cleaning services, consultancy and more.

Be reminded that coming up with a particular type of business does not mean you have already created one. You should still have to evaluate further if you are up to the nature of the business. In other words: put your idea to the test.

For example, if the type of business involves staying in front of the computer for more than 8 hours a day or speaking to a lot of people everyday, then you have to determine if you can carry the task.

Study the profitability of the business you are venturing in. Draw up a business plan to determine this. Assess the outcome of the plan and make sure you redraw another one if you find things you need to change.

Make sure that you run smoothly on the early stage of your business. Committing mistakes would cost you too much both on time and money invested. If all the day’s work will prove nothing, then you might have to change not the business, but the plan.

If you happen to fail on your initial try, never think of starting all over again. This is the worst mistake an entrepreneur would commit. Sadly, this is the most common thing that would happen in case the business fails. Just learn to move on and start where you have left off. Experience is the best teacher right? So all you have to do is to make sure that you will never have to repeat the same mistake you have committed.

What Is An Entrepreneur?

The word is of French origin which evolved into meanings that pertain to people who take the risks, founders of businesses and or someone who is accountable in case of failure or success in a business venture.

Being a person who founded a new enterprise, it is also understood that entrepreneurs take the largest part when it comes to risks inherent to businesses. After all, they are normally the owners of the company or the business unit.

The common perception with entrepreneurs is that they are the establishers of new entities that aim to offer innovative or existing services or products in the market. The talk of profit or non-profit issues also vary, depending on the type of business management being referred to.

They are of course, one of the main components of the capitalistic world. They take the largest loses or gains since they are the manipulators of the funds. Central to this is the belief of opportunities in a specific area that require the filling of the demands. They are like the providers for the needs and thus, they take the gain in exchange for the provision. They are basically service- or product-oriented who device means to create the fillers for the two said demands. The main focus of their acts is towards the gain of profit.

There are many types of typical entrepreneurs. And because of this evolution from the simple merchants to the more sophisticated corporate men, entrepreneurship has also matured in ways unimaginable when men first thought of selling their own produce.

The Risk Bearers

Risks are incalculable and rather undefined. They come as problems arise and they develop as more problems sprout. There are no specific ways by which risks come out. They just do and they seem to be the eternal parts of any business ventures. Entrepreneurs are not only risk bearers, they also take all the disadvantages of uncertainties.

While both may appeal the same, it is an undeniable fact that they may offer different horizons for individual business people.

Risks can be subjected to insurance principles. Meaning, there are methods by which their intensity or frequency can be measured. Thus, we can provide options in decreasing one’s susceptibility over risks. However, uncertainties may be considered to be more on the subjective side. Since they can’t be calculated and their very nature can’t be estimated. These two combined, it is easier to assume that entrepreneurs can be characterized both as decision-makers and improvisers. They provide solutions to immediate and long-term demands, which are unachievable, even when business routines are carefully studied.

Entrepreneurs certainly are great risk takers. Without this element of uncertainty, no business could have evolved in ways that lead to the growth of certain industries. There surely are things that must be met with responses that are either detrimental to a business unit or would create changes for its betterment.

The Organizers

Entrepreneurs are typically the founders. It is only proper that they are equipped with facilities that make leaders lead. Founders are the leaders of the pack, they are the builders. They too are planners and the organizers of schemes for giving birth and growth to a business organization.

They are the planners for maximizing the resources. They combine specific factors like land resources, the capital from a partner, the labor of his employees or the resources that came from him to create products that would meet certain demands.

He will then create organizational tactics to come out with the earnings of his profit after everything is settled.

Being the organizer, it is understood that he also is the leader. Organizers always have the authority to set things in their proper places.

But being a leader is a matter of having a good combination of values and abilities that will support the group. And because we are not all born leaders nor were we all made leaders, too few really achieve successes in business. However, leadership is not at the core of entrepreneurship.

It is the will. The will to start with uncertainty and keep believing that it would in the end, turn out well

Best Business for Entrepreneurs

Conservation of the environment is becoming more evident than ever before. Fear of old age and ugly figure have been the concerns of many people especially women. And security of the future has overtaken the present needs. Business that would answer the things above would reap ten fold in the years to come since many would be more than willing to spend extra bucks on keeping their environment clean, keeping their face young, and saving for their retirement.

Here are the particular businesses that would work in the future:

Perpetual diet

According to The National Eating Disorders Association, 45% of women and 25% of men are on a diet each day! And this is not the end of story. Eighty percent of women admit that they are dissatisfied with their figure. That’s almost ½ of the entire population. What does this mean? Many are seeking for products that would improve their figure. Entering in this type of business can be a good gamble.

Alternative health products

The growing number of heath conscious equates to the growing number of market for products that will keep human body healthy. This means that the alternative health product business can be a good place to be in the future. Tea, ginseng, and Acai berries are some of the products in good circulation today. These products are also marketed as an alternative medicine.

Organic food

You surely have heard about genetically modified organism or the GMO. You surely have heard about the possible effects it may do to the body. And with this concern, there is an exponential increase of the number of people who are becoming more and more careful on the type of food they eat.

Since organic foods are 100% safe and clean, the market for this business is fastly growing.

Water Products

Not so long ago, you can still see many people filling their bottles with tap water and drink from it. Well, this practice has long been forgotten and will remain to be forgotten… even forbidden. Gone are the days when people can drink clear and clean water from any source. Now, it is common to see water dispensers at offices and even houses. And it is very common to see fridge with reserved bottled drinking water.

Capitalizing on this business will draw in cash for sure. You can either be a distributor of drinking water on you neighborhood or establish your own bottling plant.

Ecological products

People have the tendency to look for something that is not usual on their surroundings. So if you are waking up, living, and sleeping in urban areas, you will tend to look for something different, something natural. And if you cannot go out of town, the best way to set some changes is purchasing ecological products. Furniture, home decors, flooring, and other products that encapsulate nature would be a choice to you.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur and have seen this, you will surely be one of the firsts who would venture on this business.

High tech security system or biometrics

If you were a homeowner or a businessman with lots of high tech devises inside your home or offices, you surely would want to protect them. A simple door lock would not do, right? What you need is high tech security system that will limit the access of your facilities to those you have granted the access. Retina scan, finger print identification, and other biometric identification are the ways to do it.

A business that caters this need will certainly be a good business.

Retirement Planners/Financial Advisors

Growing old is a part of life and aging people are part of the population. These people want to carefully plan the remaining years of their life with professional advisers. Retirement Planners or financial advisers would be the right person they need. If you have the keen on this type of business, then, you have a lot of work to do for many aging people need you.

Of course, entering the mentioned businesses would not automatically mean that you will earn too much. You still have to work for it and study carefully how the business works

How to Define Entrepreneur

In the field of business, the people involved in the playoffs are called the entrepreneurs. They are also referred to as businessmen. They own and run their own businesses. In the strictest sense, the definition of what a real entrepreneur is varies.

The only certain thing is that, entrepreneurs are very much involved in today’s American business arena. Tracing history back, it is said that the term entrepreneur has been conceivably recognized as an adamant part of the economic world only in the mid 1970s. The concept has then started to evolve with various meanings depending on the understanding of the society that gives meaning to it.

In an online dictionary as defined by the Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, in the year 1913, entrepreneur has been defined as the person who makes some products for his own benefit or account. This gives about the idea that the term has successfully evolved way back in the year 1913. Now such definition may quite be blurry.

How can a person be called an entrepreneur when he does nothing with that product aside form creating it? What term will be labeled to a person who takes other people’s products and make a success out of them? Will they be not branded as entrepreneurs too? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, who manages, and who assumes the risks posed by the business or enterprise world. Now this definition of an entrepreneur is richer in content compared with the first one. Risks—these are literally faced by entrepreneurs as they pursue with any type of investment in the market.

In a much formal definition of Ashoka, an entrepreneur goes to refer to an organizational society that promotes nothing but social change. Social entrepreneurs are those individuals who open up some new and major possibilities in the areas of health, education, environment, and all other areas of the human needs.

To drive a stricter point, the business entrepreneurs are those who lead the innovations in the world of commerce while the social entrepreneurs are those who drive social change in the society. In more ways than one, such definition all the more points out that those business entrepreneurs not only start with any type of business but they do promote change within the business range.

Dale Tucker, a personal entrepreneur, goes to define the term as an individual who decides to take hold and control of his own future and therefore become a self-employed person either by creating his own business or by working with a team just like what multi-level marketing means. On the other hand, Mark Hendricks suggests that for one person to be called an entrepreneur, he needs to be particularly daring. He must be able to meet the challenge of either winning or losing in the business. He therefore must be open to the possibilities of the results of the competition.

So how can an entrepreneur be tailored to be one? What business skills are required in order to become an entrepreneur? There are pointers that must be looked into before someone may divulge into any business venture.

The following are some of the qualifications to look into:

Planning and organization

These include the setting up and the attainment of specific goals, qualification to enter into a commitment, and then being able to keep up with work schedules.

Capacity to handle money

Budget must be carefully determined, loans must be secured, funds must be raised, and all of the finances must be recorded. For all these things, an entrepreneur must be an expert.

Capacity to sell products and ideas

An entrepreneur should be acquainted with the proper way of selling. In the world of business, the products whether they take the form of materials or ideas need to sell out in order to gain profit.

Anyone who does not have the management skills is not fit to be an entrepreneur.

Ability to work with people

A good rapport is always needed in an entrepreneur. If he is unable to influence people then he will not likely succeed.

Ability to be a risk-taker

In the world of business, wins are not always secured. There are only two possibilities: winning and losing. Whichever phase confronts him, a good entrepreneur knows how to handle it.

Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Starting a Business takes a lot of thinking and planning.

Finding an excellent business idea can be a daunting task – what with the different options of business ideas you can choose from. In this article, we will explore the process of finding the right business idea to start on as well as offer some of the hottest and most popular business ideas. A successful business does take a great idea to begin with. However, this is not necessarily the case all the time. An original business idea can either go up or down. Since it is unproven and untested yet, such an idea doesn’t usually come with an established market.

Starting a Business

The first step to starting your own business is to find a brilliant business idea that will make money. To find that excellent business idea, you should think creatively, even out of the box, so to speak. You can start by asking yourself what interests you. You must be enthusiastic and passionate about your business idea. That’s why as much as possible, your business endeavor must really be in your field of interest. You can find business ideas by from your friends and family members. You can also do some research in the internet to find the hottest business ideas today. Another great way to think up a new business idea is to observe the latest trends.

Which business idea should you pursue?

There are virtually no limits as to the choices of business ideas for entrepreneurs. There are literally thousands of options. From pizza parlors to freelance writing, from services to products, you can definitely find a business idea perfect for an entrepreneur like you. However, which among these thousands of options are you going to stick with? As mentioned above, you should be enthusiastic and passionate about. There is an adage in entrepreneurship that goes like this: “Do what you love the money will follow.” However, this formula does not guarantee instant success. Many entrepreneurs have pursued business ideas that are in line with their interests with varying degrees of success and failure.

Some Inexpensive Business Ideas for a new Entrepreneur

Let’s assume that you are just about to start your own business – a new entrepreneur so to speak. Whether you are a homemaker looking for ways to earn extra income or an unemployed trying to start a business from scratch, there are several opportunities and ideas you can tap to start a business without spending too much capital. The following business ideas will not guarantee instant riches within months but they have the possibility to grow into full-time businesses in due time.

Be a web entrepreneur

The internet offers vast potentials for earning money. From freelance work to AdSense, there is simply an abundance of business ideas you can choose from. You can start by setting up your own website, no need to have technical know-how about web design, just make sure that the site looks good and it provides excellent content. Then, sign up for an affiliate program – this is where you will earn. Then, learn as much as you can about search engine marketing and promote your website. Regularly update your site with new content and just wait for the revenues to come in. It may not be much at first but over time, affiliate programs can help you earn a decent income – and you didn’t spend too much except your time and your knowledge.

Be an eBay Businessman

This is the online version of the garage sale, if you have some things you don’t really need, you can actually earn some money by putting those up for auction at eBay. Just make sure you stick to products that you know about. You can also start making your own products such as candles, art jewelry, and many more. You can sell these on eBay or any other internet mall site.

Try MultiLevel Marketing

Do you have the ability to persuade people to avail of products and services you offer? Do you have a wide network of friends and contacts? Do you have enough time on your hands to move around talking to people? Then you probably have a future in the world of Multilevel Marketing or MLM. This is one of the fastest growing businesses today and you can have it based right in the comfort of your own home.

These are just a few of the huge array of business opportunities you can choose from. Widen your horizons and look for more possible businesses ideas. Dig up magazines, journals, and other publications that might provide additional business ideas for entrepreneurs. Do your research on what the latest trends are. Who knows, you may find the right business idea for a new entrepreneur and strike gold.

Realities of Home Based Internet Business Trends

Before your eye gloss with the thought of establishing your own home based business via Internet, let us first have a reality check and check the trends.

Entrepreneurs venturing into the World Wide Web typically have dreams of having time all for themselves, sitting on their couches with laptops on and money pouring continuously with every click. That’s possible, all right but this normally is not a case.

Though we are talking of home based business in here, it is still not true that we can get things easily. Or that we can earn hundreds of thousands even while we sleep. Don’t be lured with business opportunities in the web that offer too-good-to-be-true fantasies. If they’re dealing with a motto like “be a millionaire in 1 month” then it is time for you to have doubts. Success don’t come easy, you know that. Only those who have a perfect combination of events and ideal attitude towards works would be the people who can be showered with success.

The specific idea of becoming a home based internet business entrepreneur is that of leaving an old job of stressful deadline buzzing and annoying bosses overlooking your works, in exchange for a flexible job that you are in total control of.

That’s true. You really would have these benefits when you switch to home base jobs and perhaps, you’ll gain even more.

Well, working home based in the internet is totally relieving. You wont have to abide with company cultures or deal with people you refuse to see every working days. You will also get around spending on transportation, clothing and eating allowances and most especially, you’ll be freed from the worries of stress and tension.

However, it’s not always easy to sail on with internet businesses. They are equally risky as compared with off line business ventures. We are not putting a scare in here, it’s just that we want you to open your eyes to truths that you would sooner or later face. Truths that are inevitable parts of internet business transactions.

After quitting your job, which most home based Internet entrepreneurs do, you have to be ready with loosing many things. However, if home based internet business works well for you, those losses will become insignificant as compared with the gains you have acquired through taking risks.

One great risk is you’ll stop getting your fixed source of income. There are good and bad sides to this. And depending on your case, they may either make or break your business life.

All jobs have some degree of uncertainty in them after all, business would have to deal with risks of failure or of success. However, entrepreneurs have a good argument of controlling your own income is better than having other people fix it for you. That way, you’ll have greater elbow room for growth. However, you must also be prepared for periods of losses.

Remember that even the largest establishment fail. No one can ever be assured that Internet sales would keep on coming. You would surely have great and bad months and the only thing that you can be assured of is that you always have to deal with unpredictability of trends. If you are not a risk taker, a steady paycheck may appeal to you more than an unsteady business earning.

As an entrepreneur, you have to face the truth that once you embark on an internet home based business, this very thing will be your life. It’s like turning work into your obsession as to eliminate the work attitude and all factors that go with it. Once you leave work, you really have to leave your old job. Most entrepreneurs practice breathing their own business so they need not experience fatigue while working and will therefore be able to dedicate long hours on their work without even getting fed up with it.

Making money would be impossible unless you take charge of really selling your business. Well that would surely be a task that you would have to dedicate yourself into. Initially, you invest days of unrest for getting your home based business through its second juncture. And the same would be true until you can actually settle yourself and realize that everything is going great.

Remember that there is no sure path to success, even if we are to talk success in its many facets, than to toil and really sweat for it. In the end, you’ll be happy that you did. After all, all your toil will boil down towards your earnings.

Generating Affiliate Commission – Part 2

Part 1 of the article can be read here

Step 3

Monitor the performance of your squeeze page. Log in to your web hosting account to check the stat of your squeeze page; find how many daily unique visitors your page is getting from your article marketing campaigns and also check your auto-responder to see the daily opt-in rate. Find the conversion rate of your squeeze page. If you aren’t happy with the conversion rate or you want to increase the rate, there are certain things you can do like reviewing your squeeze page and making changes to your squeeze page design and your sale copy. As mentioned before, adding a video presentation will potentially improve your conversion rate dramatically. So, you can try adding a video.

Take the time to test with different changes you made to your squeeze page. If the result still not improves, you’ll need to implement more ideas in. Testing has to be continued until you find a way to improve the performance.

Step 4

When you have generating traffic for your squeeze page for some time, you should have got a number of subscribers in your list. Get in touch with them. Send them information that they are interested. Share any free offers you might have.The subscribers will get to know you more and start to trust you. This is the time to begin recommending other affiliate products to them through email. The product or service that you recommend should be quality and it is what they need or want otherwise your subscribers wouldn’t bother to check out your recommended offer.

As the subscribers have been following you for some time and they trust you, send out any offer to them. Some of them would probably be happy to take your offer. You will make affiliate commission each time you send out an offer to your list. Offer extra to those who take your offer. It can be a free gift or something else. This can encourage more of your subscribers to purchase affiliate products. Any good idea that you can come up with for getting more affiliate sales through email marketing, you can test it.

Listing building has been proven to be an effective technique of generating affiliate commission. So you can maintain your list well and keep working on marketing to build up your list. The bigger the size of your list, the more the affiliate sales you’ll potentially make


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